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8mm PE elastic tensioner black 40cm elastic cord with 2 spiral hooks

8mm PE elastic tensioner black 40cm, elastic cord with 2 black plastic coated steel spiral hooks
bungee cord, elastic cord tensioner
total length: 40cm (inclusive hooks)
ø 8mm PE high tensile shock cord, elastic cord
black plastic coated steel spiral hook
Stainless steel staple
elastic cord core material: Multithread core rubber
elastic cord cover material: monofilament polyethylene (PE) outer yarn
Strong, highly abrasion-resistant yanan and U.V. resistant yarn
Tested to support 400N (~40kgF) before breakage

Areas of application:
booth construction
event technology
Product no.: SP28S40
packaging unit:
1 pcs. Pack Product no.: SP28S401
10 pcs. Pack Product no.: SP28S4010
100 pcs. Pack Product no.: SP28S40100
1.000 pcs. Pack Product no.: SP28S401000